Xplore Class: What are human beings, that God is mindful of them? A Gospel Anthropology

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 at 9:30AM Repeating event


Marcus Peter Rempel is a pastor at Saint Julian’s Table, a therapist at Red River North Community Therapy Services, a founding member of Ploughshares Community Farm and author of Life at the End of Us vs. Them: Cross/Culture/Stories.

This course unpacks the ground-breaking “mimetic theory” of Rene Girard for folks who want to live with more grace and less envy. Real-life self-examination required; academic credentials are optional. Topics include:

Receiving our self through the eyes of others: How a human being is made
The serpent said that it was good to eat: The Triangle of Human Desire
Evil Twins: We don’t fight because we’re different, we fight because we’re the same
The Outcast at our Centre: A Brief History of Scapegoating
The Desire for Being: Befriended in our longing and our lack
What does God desire? The contagion that can save us

Xplore: Keep Thinking
At the Intersection of Faith and Life, An Enrichment Program





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