Xplore Class: Grieving Well

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 at 11:00AM Repeating event


Grieving Well
Since the abduction and murder of her daughter Candace in 1984, Wilma Derksen has been dealing with her own grief. She is an international speaker and consultant on victimization and criminal justice. She has presented to hundreds of audiences who describe her as inspiring, insightful, vulnerable, integral, comforting, warm, and as an insightful storyteller. She has a wonderful ability to put groups at ease, create a warm atmosphere, and move people emotionally. She has served as plenary speaker in conferences, led numerous trainings and workshops, and is an experienced group facilitator.

Everyone experiences losses every day. These losses may be smaller ones such as losing an item of worth, receiving an unexpected car repair bill, spraining an ankle, or having someone break into your car. Or they may be larger such as a terminal health diagnosis, the death of a close friend or family member, significant financial losses when markets tank, or a serious injury. All losses impact our emotional lives or physical well-being and result in a time of grief. We may be able to get over a minor loss in a day or a week while others continue to affect us for months and years. This course will consider the types of losses we experience and ways that allow us to live with these losses and even overcome them.

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