Live-Stream 1-week Intensive: Gospel of John in 1st Century & Middle Eastern Perspective

Monday, Apr 27, 2020 at 9:00AM

Steinbach Bible College

BI421: Gospel of John in 1st Century and Middle Eastern Perspective is a 1-week Spring Intensive, April 27-May 1, with Arley Loewen.

Entirely Online via Microsoft Teams (live video stream) allowing for class engagement with peers and instructor.

Date/Time: April 27-May 1, 2020 (9am-4pm)


Instructor: Arley Loewen has worked in the South – Central Asian context since 1981. He earned an MA in Persian from Pakistan and a PhD in Middle Eastern Civilizations (Univ. of Toronto). He directs an international multi-media ministry under OM Canada and provides leadership training in shame-honor contexts. Here in Canada he frequently lectures on Christian-Muslim relations and cross-cultural dynamics in schools and churches.

Course Description: Jesus lived in a pre-industrial, communal world, very different from our 21st century society, where individual expression is a supreme goal. With an understanding of the social and religious milieu of 1st century Judaism and traditional Middle Eastern culture – much of which resonates with the ancient Jewish world – the student will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ identity, His life and teaching.

As we study the Gospel of John in its cultural and religious context, we will walk alongside the early ‘community of John’ as they grow to understand Jesus’ unique identity as the Sent One from the Father to give life to all who believe.

This course will help us bridge the ancient and modern contexts so we can more faithfully follow Jesus in the 21st century and join the community of ‘sent ones’ into the world.

Cost: $807 credit, $403.50 audit


Steinbach Bible College, 50 PTH 12 N, Steinbach, Manitoba

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